I am a seasoned geek current specialising in high performance low latency stream processing, in-memory distributed caching, grid compute, machine learning and graph technologies. I love building new solutions that solve difficult problems and promoting cool technologies that others build.

Currently focused on engineering real time business intelligence solutions using GemFire (Fast Data), Hadoop (Big Data) and Spring within the telco industry. Day to day job entails product chief architect and engineer, research and development for high tech solutions, writing white papers, partner and client enablement along with pre and post sales support.

Current Tech Focus
  • Fast Data Big Data solutions.
  • Real Time Intelligence for Telecommunications.
  • Real Time Streaming for Machine Learning.
  • Stream processing.

I have recently been accepted as an initial committer for Apache Geode, In-Memory, high performance, distributed NoSQL database. This project is the Open Source GemFire platform which I have been working with for a number of years.

Published patents

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